Posted by: GPK | 29.January.2010

Your Friday GPK Relationship Challenge

Away the past couple of days in Arlington, VT.  Started out as a trip to re-write Jumper Cables for the Healing Soul ( as I approach my “five years out” mark.  Turned into a nice romantic re-connect with my honey.  Good food, good walks, good shopping, good writing, great conversation, great everything else!  Plus – thanks to the marvel of the internet – I was able to telecommute a little bit in preparation of our exciting Mentor Recruitment and Training session at Fleet Feet on Monday!

With lots and lots of conversation throughout the past couple of days, I got to thinking.  You think you know someone and you keep investing time with that person and – mysteriously – you keep finding out cool information about them.  The relationship just seems to keep growing.  So, my challenge to you this Friday is this…What does that special person in your life, still NOT know about you?

Is it time to tell your special girl that you secretly like to wear women’s underwear?  Or maybe you’ve never been bold enough to tell your man that you don’t mind a little spank every now and then?  Maybe you had a bizarre experience that somehow shapes your personality?  Maybe knowing that would help your someone understand you a bit better?

Often times when a serious challenge such as a major illness strikes, you’re compelled to share stuff like that because you don’t want that kind of information left unsaid.  It’s really not the best time to share deeper, darker secrets though.  Why wait until something as traumatic as that to give your special someone that kind of insight into you?  Being open has its own rewards.  As Mark Twain said “Always tell the truth.  That way you never have to remember what you said.”

Of course, as we’ve established from your responses to Relationship Challenges in the past, complete disclosure may or may not be called for.  But giving your “Sig. Other” a little morsel of interesting information might just be the ticket to some interesting and spicy conversation.  And who knows where that could lead?

Give it a try today and let us all know how that goes.

Engage, think, share!

Peace and gratitude,



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