Posted by: GPK | 4.February.2010

Are you engaged?

Are you engaged in the process of making things happen?

If you say it out loud, if you write it onto the screen, if you shout it to the world, it is waaaay more likely to happen!

Back in the late 1960s psychologists did an experiment at two consecutive new year’s eve parties.  The first year they separated the revelers into two groups.  The first group was asked to tell their new year’s resolutions to the folks conducting the experiment.  The second group was asked to write their resolutions onto a sheet of paper and seal the paper in an envelope and hand them in.

The next year the same people were assembled for another party.  The first group – the group who had explained their resolutions orally but had written nothing onto paper – was determined to have accomplished their objectives at a rate of about 20%.  The second group – the group who did nothing differently except write their goals onto paper and seal them in an envelope – were determined to have accomplished their goals in excess of 60%!

The folks who wrote their dreams onto a piece of paper were three times more likely to accomplish them!

Folks, I’m going to ask one more time…”What’s your ONE THING?”

If you write it…it will come!

Engage!  Think!  Share!



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