Posted by: GPK | 5.February.2010


Recent events have convinced me that I am COMPLETELY unqualified to render relationship insights of any kind.  The Friday Relationship Challenge, therefore, has been usurped this week by a special announcement…


Five years ago today, I found out I had Leukemia.  The revelation forced me to make peace with my death.  It liberated me to live me life with the freedom from fear, the inspiration, the passion that I’d always knew was possible but hadn’t given myself permission to do.

I haven’t perfected it yet.  It’s an on going challenge.  It’s a grand and mysterious experiment.  But it’s life.

And as long as I’m alive, I’ll continue to live it!

Peace and gratitude to all of you who have joined and supported me in my efforts and to those of you who are yet to do so,




  1. Amazing! My father is suffering from cancer and I find comfort in your story.

    • Thank you Amanda! Please feel free to share your experience with our readers. It’s an amazingly supportive bunch! Also, I’ll send you the e-book, of course. Please let me know what you think. Peace and gratitude, GPK

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