Posted by: GPK | 9.February.2010

What about longer term goals?

What about Goals that aren’t “doable” in a short period of time?

Some desires take longer to accomplish.  If they’re really worth something to you, they probably will.  The key to these big ones is to chunk them down.  What’s an immediate sacrifice and what’s an immediate reward that you’d be willing to trade off for the bigger thing?

Let’s just take “Gotta pay off a credit card bill” for instance.

Let’s say you be able to pay one of those bad-boys off within two years if you could make an additional $100.00 payment per month.  You just can’t seem to find that extra $100.00.  Okay.  So brainstorm the thousands of different ways you could BOTH a) save an additional 50 bucks per month AND b) make an additional 50 buck per month for the next year.

You could go out to dinner one less time per month for two years.  That’s 12 more meals at home.  You could clean & detail one car in the neighborhood every month for a year for a $50 fee.  Just two silly ideas that would net you an additional $100 a month for a year.  If you invested just ten minutes thinking about this, you’d come up with some really good and creative ideas.

Add in a small reward for those immediate sacrifices and schedule those in too.  For instance, you take one less dinner out a month but you add in one additional caramel latte per month and you do that on the 15th of each month so that “Latte Day” is your new reward.  Sounds silly.  Really works.

My point is that the answers are right there inside of you. Right here.  Right now!  My thought is that you’re not alone.  Share your thoughts.  Your friends are here to help.

Engage, think, share!

Peace and Gratitude,



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