Posted by: GPK | 22.February.2010

The Power IS you!

Without realizing she had done so, yesterday, my girlfriend reminded me of a power inside me.

There is a power inside of you.  The power actually IS you.  It’s who you are.  THE question to ask is…Why?  Then live the answer!



  1. What do you mean “the question to ask is why?” Do you mean why the power is you?

    • That’s exactly the question. Why is that power you? Why did that power – among all the potential resting places within the boundless universe – choose YOU? Of perhaps the question is Why did YOU choose that power? The idea – of course – is that the power is not just some abstract idea, it is not a theory, or a whisp of an inspiration. The power is raw potential and it comprises you and you comprise it.

      Your body wakes up and eats and walks and breathes and rests. You, however, go nonstop. You were not born nor shall you die. You, the energy that is you, is infinite. Among the potentialities at any given moment, you are right there as one of them. To ask the question WHY? to seek a means of maximizing that potential. Why am I? Why am I right here, right now? What it is that I am meant to do this instant to be the most ME I can possibly be. All of life exists to maximize itself. How is it that you will accomplish this? You do not accomplish this tomorrow. You do not accomplish this next month or next year or in the next life. You accomplish this while you read these words right this instant.

      Why are you? What purpose will you serve in the instant following this sentence? Just thinking of it is the start of great, wonderful, experimental, adventurous journey!

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