Posted by: GPK | 16.March.2010

Athletes with purpose…

Today, as we begin our 75 day journey toward the finish line at the Vermont City Marathon, we have one important question to answer?


Take a moment today to answer that question for yourself.  If you’re a brave soul, share it up here on the blog.  Well, I know you’re a brave soul, it’s just a question of how brave you are!  😉

Why run?  Why endeavor to tackle the marathon?  Why punish our bodies for weeks to train and then – in my slow case – for hour upon hour to finish the marathon?  In the case of the relay, why do this and rope our friends into it too?

For me it’s about the audiences at Stowe Weekend of Hope.  It’s about making it possible for survivors and caregivers to get just a little break in the lovely spaces of the Green Mountains and me having the glorious opportunity to meet with them, speak with them, share my thoughts with them.  It’s about remembering the time when I lay in bed wondering if I would wake up tomorrow.  It’s about remembering a time when a small bowl of oatmeal was a feast because it was the only thing on the planet I could stomach due to the ravages of chemotherapy.  Those three days up in Stowe are my New Year celebration!

I look forward to those three days in Stowe more than any other speaking gig all year long.  (Don’t tell my corporate customers that!).  For me, it’s about looking out at those eyes from the podium and understanding that here are my people.  The folks with whom I share a sacred bond.  The bond of survivorship.  I run with these people on my mind.  The folks who’ve tried and gone before me.  Those who will run for millenia after I’m gone.  Those who struggled the same struggle and realized that we are, indeed, all one energy.  With each foot print I plant, I connect with them.  With each breath I pant, I breathe them in and they become me.  With each mile I forge I renew the idea that cancer isn’t spelled with a “T” anywhere in it.  Mine is a message of hope and connection and I run to proclaim the story of the people of this special little town in Vermont who three years ago embraced me.

I run because I can!  Since I can, I must!  It’s bigger than I am.  It’s all of us.

What’s your “why”?


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