Posted by: GPK | 18.March.2010

Doubts are normal…

…but confidence is way more fun!

Running a marathon is like meeting people for the first time.  If you’re timid and withdrawn, you’ll be less productive than you’ll be if you’re confident and outgoing.  As in most of life, those who reap the rewards of the effort are the ones willing to risk exposure to a little pain.

As many of you know, I coordinate the beginners’ running program at Fleet Feet Sports in Albany, NY.  It’s called No Boundaries.  What started as a brief marketing stint has transmogrified into an ongoing, fun and extremely rewarding endeavor co-sponsored by Fleet Feet Sports and New Balance running shoes.  Imagine 200 new runners, being coached by 55 volunteer coaches and mentors.  What a trip!

Anyhow, they say at Fleet Feet that running is an ache sport.  Which is to say that even though it’s not supposed to be outrageously painful (a side effect of having ill-fitting shoes), it is reasonable to expect a little discomfort along the way.  Those deluded souls (pardon the pun) who believe that taking part in a marathon will be a magic carpet ride are in for – as the saying goes – “a world of hurt.”

By embracing, however, the inevitable sore doggies and aching joints as a mild side effect and necessary milestone on the road toward total endorphin-driven happiness, contentment, and deep soul-level (again with the puns) gratification, we make an important CHOICE.  By choosing to greet the ups and downs of the experience with certainty of purpose, we leave “meek” at the roadside and forge ahead into a new life!

Yes, it’s that HUGE folks.  What you’ve chosen is a life forevermore of more “I Cans” and a whole lot less “l Can’ts”.  Now you know part of the reason why my other blog is called iCanSir! and why my relay team for the Vermont City Marathon is Team iCanSir!

You can!  You Can! YOU CAN!!!  Get it into your head.  Today!

Say it out loud right now.  Look into a mirror and say it.  Say it so loud that people in your house can hear you so that they WILL ask you “what’s going on?” and you WILL have to explain it to them!

😉  I really am on your side.  Be willing to risk a teeny tiny little bit of pain or discomfort for the deeply gratifying reward of ACCOMPLISHMENT.  Man alive that feels good!



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