Posted by: GPK | 9.April.2010

In any endeavor

In any endeavor worth endeavoring, there are moments – often many of them – in which she/he who endeavors is challenged with the question, “Is it worth it?”

There are times when this question is answered easily with a yes or a no and on we plod without much thought.  But there are moments when this question tests us to our very core.

Athletic endeavors usually are life and death challenges but Athletes With Purpose have a different calling.  The marathon or 5K or whatever it is that we’re endeavoring to complete take on special significance for us.  We’re not just running or walking or swimming or climbing for ego gratification.  We’re endeavoring to raise money, to spread awareness, to prove a point!  Whether we’re survivor athletes or grieving caregivers or proud friends and family, the Athlete With Purpose is a special breed of athlete.

We may not be the ones breaking the tape, but you can be sure we’re moving with a mission!

So for us, when these moments challenge us – it may be at mile 3 of a 6 mile training run, it may be at mile 10 of a 20 miler, it may be at the front stoop as we tie our shoes – when those moments hit us and we’re forced to ask ourselves “is it worth it?”, when those moments hit us we dig a little deeper.  We remember our “why”.  It may be the memory of a dear old friend who transitioned after great suffering.  It may be to support a kid in the hospital.  It may be to celebrate our own survival.  No matter what the reason, it is important to us.  It’s a huge “Why”.

It provides our answer to the question “is it worth it?”  It bubbles up from deep within us answering with a resounding “HELL YES IT’S WORTH IT!”

This “Why” is different for each of us.  But when those moments come, they keep us driving forward with purpose, with mission, with passion!

What’s your “Why?”


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