Posted by: GPK | 13.April.2010

Just one more time…

Sometimes life kicks you right in the teeth. Sometimes you see it coming. Sometimes you deserve it. Sometimes it’s just plain unfair. It’s not how hard or how many times you hit the ground that counts, though. What’s important is that if it doesn’t kill you, you get back up exactly one more time!



  1. And sometimes you may be lucky enough to realize that YOU were setting it all up to happen, consciously or subconsciously… YOU drew it to you, YOU played a big part in the kicking you just took… to learn, to grow, to prove to yourself you COULD get back up… at least one more time.

    You may ask yourself “Why is this happening?”
    then you realize you know the answer…
    “Because I can handle it…. see? I just did.”

    What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. You tested yourself, and proved you were still alive and, well, kicking… even if its your own teeth!

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