Posted by: GPK | 16.April.2010

What’s today going to stand for?

It’s different for everyone.  What’s today going to be worth to you?  What are YOU going to do today that no one else can do today?  What unique thing do you bring to the table today?  What’s that ONE THING that YOU were meant to do today?

Engage your mind.  Think about it.  Share!…

Then do it!



  1. Today George, I was invited to a thank you luncheon at Albany Med. Center for volunteers.

    No, I didn’t get an award, no my not for profit wasn’t mentioned at all, no my therapy dog was not recognized. (sad but true)

    However, after going to the oncology/hematology clinic/ward for the past 7 yrs., I realized the only thing that matters is that we go there to inspire the kids through my dog, Goldilocks and my special volunteers.

    Today the T.U. honored my little friend whose mom is a West Albany Fire Fighter. Alicia won the
    “Kid of the Week” from B95.5 and we were escorted by Lazare KIA, Frank, a former deputy sheriff, in Albany and picked up never having to even use our cars for the delivery for Easter.

    Yes, we brought many hats, toys, and stuffed bunnies and aniimals and 19 movie tickets and Barbie dolls, for the kids at the clinic. Yes, I am so proud of all my donors and especially Alicia, who laid on the floor of the clinic (dressed as the Easter Bunny) with my therapy dog, and had all of us in tears. To see how gentle my dog was with her, someone my dog has never met until that day.

    Yes George, it was Good Friday, and yes, that was the biggest award of all!!

    People like you keep me going when I think I have done enough and am tired, someone like you comes along to push me just 10 more seconds, or 10 more months.

    God bless you George, you are a remarkable man!!


    • Thank you Geraldine. That’s a very nice thing to say. I hear you on the whole recognition thing. It’s nice to get a real thank you and some applause for giving of yourself. Like you, however, I’ve found that the real reward is in the results! I will say, though, that it sounds as though you’ve gone above and beyond a little yourself. For that, you sound as though you could use a little “hoooray!” So this is me saying Hoooray, Geraldine. What you’re doing with your dog sounds like great work. Keep it up. You didn’t mention your not-for-profit though. What is it? You may take this opportunity to mention it and tell the readers a little about what you do. We’ll check it out and if it fits, we’ll put a link on the blog. Hopefully, it will help draw some deserved attention to what you’re doing! Peace and gratitude, GPK

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