Posted by: GPK | 5.May.2010

Cancer survivorship or no cancer survivorship…life ticks on…

I realized something this weekend while speaking at Stowe Weekend of Hope… and that’s this…

Whether we’re dealing with survivorship issues like lack of self-esteem, depression or anxiety or sexual disfunction or body image issues or pain, there’s a whole world out there who’s dealing with non-survivorship issues like lack of self-esteem, depression or anxiety or sexual disfunction or body image issues or pain.  From talking with caregivers and even strangers with no connection to the cancer survivorship experience this weekend, I learned that these issues effect us all.  I think it may have been Ghandi who suggested that when one of us suffers, we all suffer.  There’s always something going on in someone’s life.  The fact remains that the human condition is characterized by this truism…

No matter what issues effect us…NO ONE knows what awaits us around the corner.

That being said, it’s critically important to make conscious choices to SEE things from a confident, positive, hopeful perspective and ACT in response to it toward an affirmative, constructive, healthy objective.

My hero in the public speaking world is a guy named Earl Nightingale.  He was the first person to win a gold medal for selling over one million copies of a non-music audio recording called “The Strangest Secret”.  His quote that has shaped my thinking since I was 19 years old was this:  “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”  Simple.  Sweet.  True.  By taking tiny, baby, even infinitesimal steps toward a healthy, constructive, worthy dream (pick any one) we are being successful.

Whether it be healing our selves, our mother earth, our relationships, growing our businesses, spreading good cheer or changing the vocabulary of cancer survivorship, tiny steps every day will be the measure of our lives!  Some days we get to take more tiny steps than others.  Tiny steps will be the building blocks of our legacy!

Success for me is getting just one more person to say icansir! instead of focus on what cancer has made impossible for them.

What tiny steps will you make today?  Toward what worthy ideal?

Peace and Gratitude,



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