Posted by: GPK | 8.May.2010

Cancer survivorship isn’t about your body…I Can Sir!

Every day billions of people wake up and have the choice to either march through their lives completely oblivious to wonders in front of their eyes or to embrace the magic lying just beneath the surface of everything (and sometimes right there on the surface).

What will you choose today. Rain or shine, pain or comfort, illness or wellness, ugly or beauty, despair or joy, drama or calm, conflict or peace.  It’s all there.  All of it.  What happens to us is NOT the key.  What goes on in our body is NOT the determining factor.  What matters most is how we choose to see it and how we choose to act in response to it.

Sure, our immediate response may be instinctive or knee-jerk.  In the first second of our consciousness, we may respond from our old associations and conditioning.  That takes a bit of new conditioning to change.  The choice I’m referring to is the one we make in that second second.  The one when we choose “I Can Sir” instead of “poor me.”  The second when we realize that there is only one “right here, right now.”  The one when we choose to make the most of that moment rather than fritter it away with negativity.

Oh, it’s hard.  But infinitely worth it.

Engage, think, share!

Peace and Gratitude,




  1. Fantastic George!
    I Can Sir is a great paradigm shift in changing the thoughts and feelings of the cancer experience. You are doing great work for cancer survivors and caregivers!
    Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Brian. I am glad that you see at as a paradigm shift. That’s the intention. Join us as we dive deeper into this, won’t you? We’ll be doing a live program up in Burlington very soon. Watch for details! GPK

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