Posted by: GPK | 25.May.2010

Teammate’s struggle, renewed purpose!

When we decided to do this – Team iCanSir – the four of us – all survivors of various cancers – sat down and challenged each other.  To run, to raise money, to keep setting an example.  We embraced each other as well as the idea that this gosh-darned disease wouldn’t stop us!

So here we are, just five days from the race and one of our teammates (I’m not sharing her name right now, for her privacy) is in New York City having some new brain lesions checked out.  New f-ing brain lesions! I apologize for the foul language.  I know people say it’s the last refuge of a poor vocabulary but I’m so angry right now I can hardly see straight.

This is when this disease just plain ticks me off.  When I was dealing with my cancer I laughed a lot.  It was mine.  I could laugh and tackle it that way.  This is a teammate of mine.  Of ours.  This is personal.

So we – my friends running for Weekend of Hope – have a new challenge.  We have a new, added purpose.  A substantial new burden that I’m going to place upon you.  I know it’s unfair but realize that I place it upon myself too.  We have a new challenge to honor our team mate and her struggle.  We continue, of course, to honor all of the original stories that got us into this in the first place.  In addition to those, however, now we must add our teammate’s story.

It is fitting that we do so.  Her story exemplifies why we do what we do.  After cancer, she recovered and rallied.  After lymphoma she rallied again.  She began running and staying in shape.  She and her husband and I met at a Jumper Cables for the Healing Soul retreat and she became a friend.  When I asked her if she would help me help Stowe Weekend of Hope she jumped right in!

How many people like her do we all know?  Many, of course, but – oddly – not enough.

Join me in celebrating our teammate’s life and third recovery!  Join me in manifesting wellness for her by exhibiting wellness for her.  Join me in tackling this little race of ours with a renewed sense of mission, vigor, and passion!  She deserves it.  Of course, so do we.

In frustration, sadness, gratitude and – of course – hope,




  1. I am so sorry to hear this George. I will keep your teammate in my thoughts and will run in her honor. A lot of weeks I struggle mentally with my long runs so I remind myself why I am doing this and also remind myself how fortunate I am. My only struggle is the run. I am not dealing with an illness or treatment. I am not dealing with a family member who is ill. So many people with so many challenges in their lives get up every day happy to be alive. The very least I can do is run a few miles.
    I wish your teammate well and the best of luck to your team in Vermont.

    • Thank you Colleen. It’s amazing what a tiny little bit of perspective can do for us. We don’t have to be guilted into appreciating life. Just gently reminded how precious it is! Keep moving and stay sharp!

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