Posted by: GPK | 26.May.2010

Life is a daring adventure…

… or it is nothing at all!

Helen Keller said that.  Helen Keller!  In case you don’t know who Helen Keller is, she’s an amazing woman who embraced life as a grand adventure despite having been born with no eyesight, no hearing and consequently a seemingly complete inability to speak.  By the time she was a teen, however, she was learning and communicating with sign language and eventually speaking.  As an adult, she was keynoting!  Encouraging her audiences worldwide to embrace life’s challenges with gusto.

Her legacy reminds us to grab life by the nape and wring every single drop of enthusiasm, passion and fortitude until we collapse spent – nay, INVESTED – in a life worthy of admiration.

Someone accused me of being inconsiderate yesterday for standing in the express shopping line with 15 items in my cart.  I don’t want my legacy to bear the moniker “inconsiderate”.  I want it to be grand!  So today I embrace life anew.  What will I do today to send a magnetic shockwave of hope, enthusiasm and passion through the world?  What will you do today to do the same?

Engage, Think, Share!



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