Posted by: GPK | 28.May.2010

Be sure LOVE outweighs FEAR today!

What you put out into the ether today will fit into one of two categories.  The categories can have different titles or labels but at the end of the day the categories will have simply one of two types of energy.  One will be the energy of fear and one will be the energy of love.  Now, I know this sounds like a bit of flowery new-age stuff but in actuality it’s flowery old-age stuff.  The ancient Greeks Aristotle and Socrates were talking about the power of love before the ancient Romans invented roads so hang on and listen.

Where was I?  Oh, Love or Fear.  So, ask yourself in ever deliberation today, “is this love or fear that drives me to do this?”  If it’s fear, rethink it right away.  If it’s love, notice how that makes you feel?  Peaceful, calm, certain?  How does the fear stuff make you feel?  Agitated, anxious, paranoid?

I can virtually guarantee that the “stuff” you do driven by fear, you’ll wish you’d done differently.  The stuff you do driven by love – while you may not always be pleased with the outcome – you will never regret having done.  To be clear, this is a good time to differentiate love and sex.  Actions driven by love… gooood!  Actions driven by sex… maybe good, just be sure there’s love in it.  A lot of times actions driven by sex actually have fear all over them but that’s the topic of another day.

Today, be mindful.  Love or Fear. Your choice.  Take notice.  Engage, think, share!

Peace and gratitude,




  1. You really touched on something that Greg Braden says in “The Lost Language of Prayer”-“the FEELING is the Prayer!”
    Whatever, you think about and the emotion you have-love or the opposite of love (fear/hate) manifest the exact feelings you described. You then take actions or no actions based on your feeling.
    Take a moment or 30, breathe, relax and change your emotion to love. It will change your feeling, action and life.

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