Posted by: GPK | 29.May.2010

Okay, so there it is, staring me in the face.

Race day.  So we’re the ones in the back of the pack.  My team of survivors and I.  We don’t want to “win”. That’s not what we’re here for.  We’re here – in Burlington – to show the world (or at least the good people of Burlington) that this group of survivors has embraced the idea that despite cancer, despite chemo, despite radiation and the whole load of crap that cancer dumps on your life – the enthusiasm of a person who choses HOPE is unstoppable.  Okay, so we’re not climbing Everest.  We’re just running a few miles.  But…

Ten weeks ago one of us wasn’t sure she could run 3.5 miles and another wasn’t sure she could run 6.2 miles and another didn’t know she’d have a recurrence and have her husband run her leg for her.  And maybe some folks weren’t sure we’d raise the $10,000 for Weekend of Hope making another beautiful retreat weekend for survivors and caregivers possible.   Ten weeks ago we started.  We took one step at a time.  With the help of our coach – the amazing Lisa Millis – we took each step.  We threw a party and raised some money.  We wrote some letters and kept a blog and we raised some money.  And after tomorrow we’ll probably do it some more.

But we learned something about ourselves too.  We looked at something that looked huge to us and we tackled it.  We’re regular folks doing a little something extra to help some other folks.  It’s really what we’re all (you and me and the rest of the planet) about.  Just regular folks who got a little lucky and lived to help the next set of regular folks.

Keep it up and don’t ever, ever give  up!




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