Posted by: GPK | 29.May.2010

Tomorrow. Race day.

You run and you run and you run.  You know why you do it.  You wake up early or rush home from work or you stay up late to hit the treadmill – all to get your workouts in.  Day in, day out.  Week in, week out.  Month in, month out.

Maybe you skip workouts here and there because, hey, life gets in the way.   Maybe you hit every single one on the schedule. Either way, you’re pretty dedicated and your results show it.

So now here you are.  One day to go before the shotgun – or whatever loud sound that will start the race tomorrow.  How do you feel?  Excited?  Anxious? Pumped?  No matter what you’re feeling about tomorrow morning’s run, I want to ask you to remember your “why” right now.

Why did you do this?  What reason did you give yourself to commit what you have committed.  What did you think about when you woke up early to hit the road before breakfast?  What did you remind yourself of as you decided to push to mile 18 rather than stop at 14?  What did you ask yourself that stirred enough emotion in you to push yourself along that extra mile?

Getting you to know your “why” is what I live for.  It’s my job, my purpose, my mission, my “why”.

What’s your “why”?

Engage, think, share!



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