Posted by: GPK | 2.June.2010


What’s the next challenge now?  As survivors we certainly have a duty to tackle the next challenge, to embrace the next inspiration, to share the next wisdom.  But which one will it be?

I know that if all the survivors in the world simply stood up to be counted relative to the likely cause of their own cancer, there would be drastic changes made.  Cigarettes, air pollution, etc.  What can we do, for instance, to insure that the real costs associated with harvesting oil are factored into our use of it?  This oil spill thing in Louisiana has really got me tweaked.  How many illnesses will be linked to this stroke of idiocy?

When we hear of the high cost of solar power or the high cost of hydro electric or the high cost of wind power, are we truly considering the costs as contrasted against the benefits?  I don’t think we really are.  I know that hydro and wind have environmental impacts.  I know that solar requires access to consistent sun and biofuels are expensive to transport (but are they really any more expensive to transport than gasoline or high fructose corn syrup?).  But how serious is it if a solar panel falls over or a wind turbine breaks a gear?  How many fish, birds or people die when that stuff happens?  I doubt anyone could argue with a straight face that the “passive” energy sources pose a serious risk to health and well being.  That would be an interesting comparison and contrast wouldn’t it?

What’s the true cost of our oil addiction? Hmmmm

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