Posted by: GPK | 18.June.2010

Registration is OPEN for Jumper Cables LIVE!

If you’re a person in transition – for whatever reason – you need to attend Jumper Cables LIVE!  Whether it’s cancer, relationship issues, job stuff or whatever is holding you back, you WILL benefit from these transformational programs!

What’s the common denominator among these life challenges?  Pain!  Pain – as we all know – is not always physical.  No matter how the pain manifests itself in our lives, it’s not the pain that is the measure of our experience.  The legacy we create, the quality of our experience, depends upon how we choose to see what happens to us and how we choose to act in response to it.

At The Jumper Cables LIVE! experience you’ll learn how to:

1) Discover (or re-discover) your truest passions,

2) Direct your energy toward the demands in your life that truly inspire you, and

3) Speak a language that provides constant reassurance and motivation for your “legacy building”.

Three options this summer/fall.  Lake Champlain Cruise or Full-Day events in Lake George and Skaneateles.

Each event’s proceeds will be shared as a fun-raiser for an important local charity.

Please Visit:!


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