Posted by: GPK | 29.June.2010

Survivor or not, take it one day at a time… and make it count!

I was thinking today – as I meet with a couple for whom I’ll perform a wedding ceremony or a man who’s wants to work smarter or a survivor wanting to live with more passion, less fear and greater confidence – that today is today.  Today is not tomorrow.  Today is not yesterday.  Today is not next week or some day.  Today is today.

The time to take action on that idea you have is now.  The time to send that proposal to speak at the continuing education program is now.  The time to write the first chapter of that new book you’ve been promising yourself you’d write is now.  The time to tell the people you love that you love them is now.  The time to send that email promoting your first major paid public appearance in years in now!  (

If you have a message inside you, the universe calls to you to share it.  Share it!  Share it now.  I’ve discovered that just by being with me, people experience a profound sense of wonder and lust for life.  I am determined to share that with as many people as possible for as long as I can.  My mission is to change the vocabulary of survivorship and life from one of fear and isolation to one of hope and connection, no matter what!  That’s what my Jumper Cables for the Soul books and programs do and will continue to do.

What’s your mission?  What passion is brewing within you that is so powerful and so overwhelming that you couldn’t possibly hold it in?

When would NOW be a good time to DO something about it?


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