Posted by: GPK | 2.July.2010

Cancer isn’t the only pain in the A@#!

Don’t forget love, taxes, work and no list of life’s difficulties would be complete without an homage to our wonderful, insidious, hand-picked New York State Legislature.  A finer, more over-paid, under-qualified, well dressed collection of crooks, bandits and liars was never assembled.  Except, perhaps, for the notable exception of the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

I love life.  I love that surviving cancer has given me a new view of life and a new resolve for tackling life’s challenges.  I love that every moment to me brings a new spark of renewal and fuel for the next round of anything that requires of me passion, genuine participation, me-ness!  All of these experiences have not made me impervious to the frustrations of the human experience.  What’s up with that?

I remember when I first found out I was cancer-free.  I was bullet-proof.  People from everywhere seemingly came out of the woodwork to meet me and invest time with me.  I asked for anything and got it.  I was on fire!  Nothing bothered me.  Was I just on cloud nine?  So glad to simply be alive that life’s little foibles and some of the bigger ones didn’t phase me in the least?

After five years, however, the “little things” like love and taxes and lawmakers and cars and traffic and work and bills just annoy the daylights out of me.  Is this some kind of five year hurdle that they didn’t tell me about at my Gilda’s meetings?  Or have I chosen to let the old “pre-cancer” stinkin’ thinkin’ creep back in?

Maybe I need a vacation.  Aw, screw that!  What I need is a check-up from the neck up!  What I need is to remember that five and a half years ago I was practically dead.  I had no blood, no bone marrow, no immune system and I had a SMILE ON MY FACE!  Today I have all of my bone marrow, all of my blood and a practically bullet proof immune system.  I run each week and next week I’ll run the Boiler Maker.

Right here and right now I declare my self and the immediate area around me a no-whining zone!


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