Posted by: GPK | 15.July.2010

Rehab isn’t just for quitters

I’m in rehab.  Not actually recovering from a recognized addiction but I’ve decided to go through – and for the past 9 days have been undertaking – my own addiction rehab to push myself past some incredibly limiting beliefs. Beliefs that will no longer poison my life!

Discovering the need to rehab one’s mindfulness is a painful undertaking in itself.  The Emotional Archaeology alone to find the roots of self-esteem challenges can be grueling.  The nugget of finding a childhood based relationship that shapes EVERYthing I touch, however, was worth every moment.  Knowing what gigantic vein of negativity I have to redirect, redefine and reframe is liberating!  As addiction gives way to growth, the stress is replaced with peace.  Peace.  Oh what a nice experience.

Just like when I had cancer and I was in chemo-therapy, I’ve formulated powerful new imagery and visualizations that are actually reshaping my life at the cellular level.  That’s where real change takes place.  Each day the dragon awakes, I work with him, we work on our transformation and my mastery continues.  Each day a little better.  Each day a little stronger.  Each day a little more highly evolved.  I guess that’s what they mean when they say “one day at a time.”

The old draw of habit makes rehab incredibly difficult but the hope of what’s out there, the pure potentiality that exists, the roll I will play in it, and tiny daily victories – that’s all just plain inspirational!

In Jamaica, I understand there’s an expression…”Cool Runnings”.  It means peace be your journey.





  1. Great job George!

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