Posted by: GPK | 16.August.2010

Personal Journey – Stronger Than Ever!

To all of you who have sent supportive emails of love and encouragement after the “rehab” post several weeks ago, I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU!


As you may know I am not in drug rehab or anything official like that but I have undertaken a personal journey of discovery that has been unequalled in my life.  This ‘pilgrimage’ as I’ve referred to it, has taken me to the very depths of my soul, surpassing – at times – the path I charged down during my personal experience with Leukemia five years ago!

I would have not thought it possible to plumb such depths at my age and given my predisposition for pondering all along.  As part of this, you may have noticed that I have been blogging much less and have been completely off Facebook for a few weeks.  This step back has been hugely helpful for me as I work with healers from all walks and continents to delve into the important work I’m doing.  I’m engaged in my own Eat, Pray, Love experience, if you will.  Although for me I might refer to it as Sweep, Wrestle, Transform.  Not as sexy or marketable, maybe but just as powerful!  Anyhow, your emails of concern have been touching and much appreciated.  At the same time they’ve prompted me to realize that I need to issue some reassurances.

I am fine!  100%  I have grown more in the past six weeks than I thought was even possible.  I am physically well, running, lifting, swimming, hiking, etc. more than ever.  My last doctor’s appointment yielded great numbers and a perfect check-up.  So please, don’t worry about me.  Set backs – such as the one which prompted this last exploration – are seldom long lived and I am resilient.

The issues that I eluded to in my last blog entries here and on Facebook are evaporating as my soul frees itself with the power of a volcano!  The physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of such a purge have been unbelievable.  So, while I enjoy your support and am deeply grateful for your care and encouragement, I want to reassure you that I am well, superb and continuing to grow.

This whole experience has even added a new dimension to my speaking program and a new book is under way.

If you want to see what’s new – including a week in Switzerland coming this Spring – please visit  If you have a not-for-profit that would benefit from a little piece of the action in exchange for helping me promote the event, please contact me.  In the meantime, please stay in touch and keep that positive energy flowing.  I’ll do the same!

In love and gratitude and in hopes for more peace for you than you might possibly imagine,




  1. Glad to see you back and doing well! Keep up the great attitude.

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