Posted by: GPK | 5.October.2010

Okay, time to get down to brass tacks!

So, if you’ve been following, you know I went through a serious rehab this past summer.  By that I mean serious emotional rehab whereby I underwent a soup to nuts overhaul of my ego and the way I try to view the world, love, time and my place in it all.

With the help of a lot of healers, understanding people, great friends, gallons of decaffeinated coffee, and the wonderful staff at Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary I broke through a lifetime of barriers preventing me from loving myself in an authentic way.  I was able to embrace, tackle and discard a slew of invalid assumptions about love and my approach to it and cast off old patterns that flattened my affect and prevented me from trusting myself and others.

Then, the topping on the cake was my trip (aka pilgrimage) to the sacred vortex sights in Sedona, Arizona.  Two days hiking alone in the desert completed the process (or at least completed the beginning of the process).  What I’d like to do is share with you some of the information that was exposed to me through this process.  I’d like to share – over the next few weeks – some of my experience with this information in hopes of accomplishing a few things.  1) I’d hope to validate some of what I was exposed to by hearing what you feel after reading about it.  2) I’d hope to get a feel for how practical this information might be to others in different situations than the ones I find myself in.  and 3) I’d hope to provide valuable insight and maybe some “new” tools for us all to use in all sorts of different situations.

Would you all be interested in that?  Would that be valuable?



  1. OK I am in .. and this is something that is starting within me too so its gonna be sweet to see your journey .. keep sharing and your changing lives everywhere

  2. George,
    I would like to hear all about this. Many of us go through struggles in silence and your postings could really shed some light on our collective issues as well.

  3. I am interested and yes, it would be valuable. Every experience placed before us is a learning opportunity. What can I learn from this? Thank you George, for being willing to share.

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