Posted by: GPK | 13.January.2011

Fear – learn to deflect the kick!

Fear is ready at a moment’s notice to kick you right where you live!

Fear is there, however, to remind you that you’re about to do something outside your comfort zone.  But that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong thing to do. In fact, often times it means the opposite.  Often times that twinge of fear is there to tell you to go ahead and do it.  Constantly meeting and exceeding those boundaries of comfort helps us to grow and strengthen for the next inevitable challenge.

As one statesman was quoted saying “we must be doing something right… they’re still shooting at us!”

If it hurts a little – as any athlete will tell you – you’re probably on the right path.  When it starts hurting more, take a closer look and evaluate the situation.  When it’s done with, again as most athletes will tell you, the pain is quickly replaced by the sheer ecstasy of completing the challenge.  Athletes have sore muscles.  Great Chefs have tough fingertips.  Great authors have a LOT of bad writing under their desks.  All good things come from someone plowing through fear and failure and a little bit of pain.

So the next time fear rears its head, grab it, subdue it, recognize it for what it is and go ahead and follow your bliss anyway!



  1. George, well said. Could not agree more. What you are also saying is that anyone who wishes to improve something (a skill, a product, team spirit, … you name it), must be willing to put in the effort, be willing to examine and learn from the mistakes and, most importantly, embrace the inevitable change.

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