Posted by: GPK | 27.April.2011

Get moving!

Boy I tell you, I can really feel it when I don’t run, jump or move!  I’ve been at my desk quite a bit for the past few weeks getting my iCanSir! experience ready for the groups I’ll work with at Stowe Weekend of Hope.

As you know, it’s one of my favorite weekends of the year because the people who swarm to Stowe are amazing.  Survivors and caregivers, etc. just pumped to be alive and searching for Hope and Connection (which happen to be my specialties!).

So, I’ve been at my desk for weeks.  Which means I haven’t been running because when my back hurts (from sitting too long) I don’t run and when I don’t run I get grumpy, and when I get grumpy I don’t run and when I don’t run…

NOW, I know why…

All I can say is, God Bless Neuro-Biologists and Doctors and Researchers and those folks with attention spans.  I am so grateful to them.

Keep moving folks.  This is our shot at reality.  We get one chance (in this body, anyway).  Make the most of it.  Get out RIGHT NOW – even if it’s to walk around the building.  It will take FIVE minutes.

Stay in touch!




  1. I totally agree George! When I worked at the hospital, we had a walking group that met daily and even had a 20 minute route mapped out in the hospital in case of bad weather. Since I am working mostly in my home office now, if I don’t schedule exercise into my day, I see a BIG difference in my sleep, mood and energy!!

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