Posted by: GPK | 11.May.2011

Take a moment…

Take a moment to ponder the many folks who look to you for guidance, support, friendship and love.

Appreciate for a moment all that you do to nourish the souls of others and give yourself a pat on the back.  During this reflection you may recognize some shortcomings.  Accept them.  Forgive yourself and move on.  Resolve to work harder, smarter, and with more diligence and consideration than before.  Resolve to forge ahead into the remainder of the day, into tomorrow and beyond with a renewed sense of right, a renewed sense of your true voice and a commitment to make it heard.

We all need to evaluate who we are and whether we are living up to our highest potential.  It’s a simple matter at first of recognizing that, on the one hand, there’s just no way we can realize potential of that magnitude.  On the other, recognizing that living with vigor, passion and purpose requires of us – as Abraham Lincoln challenged us – “the last full measure of our devotion”.

For what calling, what purpose, what aching desire would you give that last full measure?

If you can’t answer that question within 30 seconds of reading this, you’ve got some thinking to do.  Or not.

As usual… your call.


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