Posted by: GPK | 17.May.2011

As soon as you finish reading this…

walk straight to the nearest mirror, look straight into your eyes and remind yourself that you’re okay!

With all of our faults, considering all of our mistakes, taking into account all of the downright shitty things we’ve done in our lives… today, this moment, the very next moment, tomorrow…are all clean slates and right here and right now we can choose to do it right!

Sometimes we need a friend to remind us that we’re decent folk – despite what we may think, despite what someone may have said to  you, despite your last performance evaluation.  Sometimes it’s hard to remind ourselves and that’s why a good friend who’ll help you stand back up, dust ourselves off and get on with it is worth their weight – quite literally – in Gold!

If there’s no friend around right now, remind yourself.  Take stock in your mistakes and wrongs, recommit to a path that avoids them in the future and forge ahead.  Take the first step right now.  Tell yourself…

I’m okay.  I may even be better than okay.  Today I have a chance to be my best self and I fully intend to seize that chance.  When I drop the ball, I will pick it up again without beating myself up too much.  When I really screw up I will learn from it.  When I hurt people, I will make it right.  And when I win, I will celebrate!  Right here, right now…I’m okay!

How does that feel?



  1. Hi George,
    You have been corresponding with my Dad, I believe, and he sent me this latest update. I don’t have a Facebook so I hope that you get this message. I am a bit computer challenged. All of my 6 children, including my youngest, are much more computer literate than I am. Anyway, I was glad to hear from you. I’m not sure how this works, but write back to me.

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