Posted by: GPK | 4.July.2011

July 4th – a hope for America

The idea of America is both celebrated and unfortunately cursed the world over. It’s a beacon of hope and true liberty and at the same time viewed as a perplexing child without discipline or resolve. Let us strive to live up to the IDEA of America. Freedom in our choices and pressured by none of our neighbors, our government nor our corporations. Liberty in our judicious use of resources. Pursuit of pleasure while exercising stewardship of the bounty within our grasp. Protection of our loved ones while infringing upon no one else’s liberties. Respect for both the rule of law and the idea of ideas.
Let us resolve to celebrate this wonderful experiment by endeavoring to honor her. The bold experiment. The grand ideal. The IDEA that IS America!
Let us resolve to be truly grateful… For the daily sacrifices of our servicemen and servicewomen. For the discipline of our ancestors. Let us resolve to improve the legacy we borrow from our children.
Let us no longer strive to DO America.
Let us strive to BE America!


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